Episode 7: Women, Video Games & Jackasses…Oh My!

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If you play any amount of online video games, at some point you have  unfortunately dealt with some sort of toxic behavior from anonymous  jackasses. If you happen to be female, this is an absolute guarantee. We  talk with an avid player of the game Overwatch (published by Blizzard Entertainment); Cerra Ayala.  Cerra discusses the craziness that she and other female players have to endure and what they did together to make their game-play more enjoyable  while supporting each other and combating the daily toxicity.

We also happen to compare and contrast the game-play on online environments of other games (such as Team Fortress 2) and give some advice on what others can do if confronted by the same jackassery (we know it’s not a real word, deal with it).

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Intro Link

Pandemic Legacy Season 2 by Z-Man Games


Bonus Track 4: Episode 6 outtakes with Jo Kreil

bonus tracks- episode 6 outtakes

During our interview with Jo Kreil, there were some interesting stories that were shared about the time Skinny Guy visited her in London on New Years Eve. We also get a brief sound check from her as she reads a dramatic piece from one of Gene Wilder’s more memorable roles of his career.

Episode 6: For the love of tentacles

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Jo Kreil is an amazing woman, gamer and writer. She graced us with her presence to discuss her passion for writing within the gaming fields, specifically for the horror genre which mostly includes Cthulhu based games. The discussion starts with her early writing influences along with some new releases (Ready Player One, American Gods, and The Hobbit). There is some talk about her gaming influences (Call of Chtulhu, 2nd Edition Dungeons and Dragon Dungeon Master Guide). She has run multiple games from, submitted work to and has published material for a number of different gaming companies. Some of them are Chaosium, Golden Goblin Press, Sixty Stone Press and Stygian Fox.

There is additional material that leads us into discussions about Frank Frazetta and the Costume Shop in East Stroudsburg, PA and the Art Museum that bear his name. Many of his works are prominently featured in many early Dungeons and Dragons materials.

Jo Kriel can be found through her Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/user?u=5519753   and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/weirdficauthor/ pages.

Here are the links promised in our intro:

Lost Colonies LARP

Metatopia 2017 Nov.2-Nov.5

Bonus Track 3: LARP Stories with Team Waerloga

bonus tracks- larp stories

The wonderfully awesome crew affectionately known by the show as Team Waerloga, shared their fondest LARP memories with us. Some of the topics range from the games and locations they have been to in the past (Dead Legends and Faire Play) to the multiple murder attempts on Luna! If anything, this bonus track could alternatively be considered ” Exhibit A”.

Episode 5: High on the Hogg!

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We try to interview creative and versatile individuals on our show. None fit that narrative more than Lexx Ravenhallow. During our interview we discuss his time as the ass man of Portal Comics and Gaming, his time as an employee for Games Workshop that fueled his need to paint tiny figures, as well as his judgeship for Magic the Gathering.  We mention Mark Rosewater’s Drive to Work podcast and The Gatherer website as we delve into into the world of MtG.

Lexx’s larp career expands into many games such as Alliance Stormbreak, Dead Legends, Doomsday and the many convention games at DexCon.

And to say that he is an amazing sculptor is an understatement. Here is a link to his patreon page and below are some examples of his work from his Instagram. Please visit and support Lexx in all his artistic endeavors! And from the ease of his demeanor, we learn quickly that this is not the first podcast he has interviewed for. You can find another of his interviews at HandonHeadLarpCast.

Also, that free ringtone? Here is the link for it: Lexx Ringtone

Episode 4: Bad Fantasy? Really?

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There are times when one must make a stand! This is not one of those times. However, Old Man does come close in this show. Our heroes discuss an upsetting ESPN commercial which depicted LARP in a negative light. As usual Old Man takes the crotchety stance but with the help of Skinny Guy, Sam the Part Time Rogue’s open letter, and a 2013 Times Union blog article; they somehow untangle the bag of snakes that is ESPN’s crappy marketing department…or are they?

In the course of discussion we mention Dark Knight Armory, the documentary Darkon, the movie Role Models and Magic the Gathering. How do they figure into the discussion? You’ll have to listen to find out!

As promised, here is the link to the Rocky Horror Show LARP campaign we mention in the intro.

Episode 3: Murder Tips by Joe Carnes

Episode Waerloga Artwork 2

Image: PolaRoid Rage

An interview with some of the most creative and fun individuals, Team Waerloga! Joe Carnes, Kime Apgar, Luna Vernon and Ken Carnes sit down with us to talk at length about their inspirations, their joys and their pains in creating the LARP Waerloga! Learn their secret joys and terrible secrets as they discuss their mysterious LARP past and present. Then there is some discussion about some games such as Faeglen, Nocturne, Doomsday, Aura (a defunct LARP) and Dead Legends.

Once you delve in the minds of Team Waerloga, there is no return! And why would you want to return? It’s really damn fun in there!